Larks in the Park

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This half term, Year 3 have been learning all about our natural world and, on Thursday, the children visited Burnham Park to explore and learn about nature in our local community.

In the park, there were lots of activities for us to complete. Firstly, we all gathered around a tree so that everybody had a different view of it and completed a questionnaire about it. The questionnaire asked us to look at the texture of the tree, whether it was old or young, how many people it would take to complete the circumference and how many steps it would take to get around the tree. We then used the techniques we had been perfecting in art to sketch the tree noticing all the patterns on the trunk.

After this, our teachers taught us how to do leaf and bark rubbings using wax crayons. It was really fascinating because we could see all of the veins coming through onto our paper. Some of our examples are below.

The last thing we did was create natural sculptures using anything that we could gather. We found: rocks, leaves, branches, bark, conkers and acorns. We had to use creativity and teamwork to try and create the most interesting sculptures. Have a look below for some examples:


Bike It Breakfast

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Bike It Breakfast will be held on Monday 31st October at 8:10am – please see flyer below for more information:


Sports update

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On Tuesday October 11th, Priory School took part in a football tournament at Marish Primary School. There were 24 teams there and we played six matches. Our first two games we lost 1-0, despite playing well in both the games. We hit form in the third match, winning 4-0 and then won two more games. We even played in a penalty shoot out and won 6-5!

Rajan was really good at scoring goals, with Jayden, Emily and Katie great in defence. Mason and Amber-Lily did well at tackling and were well supported by Allana and Daniyal. Kirtan showed himself to be a top keeper! I was proud to represent Priory School, as were all the team. We all tried our best and worked as a team. Thank you to the PE staff for making this happen.

By Rory 4KB

A royal response

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To celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday back in June, the children wrote birthday cards and letters to Her Royal Highness to thank her for all that she has done and ask her questions about her life and reign.

Since then the children have been eagerly awaiting a response from Buckingham Palace and, on Wednesday, the letter finally arrived! The letter was addressed to the children of Priory School and even had a royal seal. Enclosed inside were many interesting pages. Firstly, there was a card from the Queen with a picture of her and a message thanking the children for their letters. There was also a letter (written on very fancy paper!) from the Queen’s lady in waiting. The letter explained that, because the Queen had received so much post, she couldn’t reply herself but she wanted us to know that she had read and loved all of the children’s cards. As well as this, the Queen had also given us some informative pages in answer to our questions.

All of the documents have been attached for you to print if you wish, each class has been given a copy of the letter and the original will be framed and hung in the main reception area. Make sure you take a look!

Letter from the Queen

Card from the Queen

Information on the Queen 1

Information on the Queen 2

Mr Philpott

Thank you!

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A massive thank you to the team of Leaseplan volunteers who came into school on Thursday! They did a wonderful job clearing, tidying and replanting Mr McGregor’s garden and also painting the extended care Portakabin.



Time change for Reception Trip…….

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Please note that the Reception trip to Burnham Beeches will be in the afternoon of the 9th November 12.30 – 2.45pm – all other aspects are the same – thanks

Open Day

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We are pleased to announce that Open Day will be held on Monday 7th and Wednesday 9th November 2016. Please see the attached flyer for more information:


Daily Mile Launch!

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We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Hannah Macleod, Olympic Gold Medalist, for spending this morning inspiring our children at our official Daily Mile Launch.  Hannah captured the imagination of the children by talking about her experiences and proudly showing her Olympic gold medal. She also told the children of the importance of trying to be the best you can be both in and out of the classroom.

As stated in previous newsletters, as a school we have invested in the health and wellbeing of our children by building a purpose built running track and educating children on the importance of nutrition and hard work.

Sports Council children were busy tallying points and the overall winners will be announced in assembly next week.

Elaine Wyllie, Daily Mile initiator, says “I’m delighted to hear that Priory School is introducing The Daily Mile.  This will benefit the health and wellbeing of all children and staff.  I congratulate them in being the first school in Slough to lead the way and I look forward to it being implemented by other local schools.  As one of England’s largest schools it will be a beacon for schools everywhere who want to solve the childhood obesity crisis which faces this country.”



Governor Vacancies!

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Would you like the chance to have a say in key decisions at our school and to make a real contribution to the local community by becoming a School Governor? If so, please read the flyer attached to this post:

Governor Vacancies

If you have approximately 10 hours per term to spare and would be interested in becoming either a Partnership or a Local Authority Governor, or would like further information, please contact: