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Maths Challenge of the Term

Please see this document (Maths Competition) for details of this terms Maths challenge. 20 lucky children from Year 4, 5 and 6 will be going on a tour of Metro Bank in Slough on 1st November 2018. All you need to do is complete the Maths challenge attached and return to Ms Young by Friday 28th September. Remember to label your work with your name and class. Entries will be put into a hat and the lucky ten children will be revealed in assembly.

Method of the Month

Please watch our Year 4 Mathematicians who are explaining clearly how to add using the expanded formal method.


Please see below for links to our Mathematics Policies.

Bar Modelling Calculation Policy

Priory School Calculation Policy


How to help your child:

  • Be positive about Maths at home – Don’t say things like ‘I always hated Maths’ or ‘I never understood Maths’ because that might make your child start to think that themselves.
  • Find Maths in everyday life  Help your child to understand how important Maths is by including  them in Maths at home for example working out the change you should get and reading timetables.
  • Praise your child  Even if your child is struggling to get the answer right, encourage them to keep trying and they will improve.
  • If you struggle with Maths yourself  Read through the Priory Calculation Policy and see how your child is being taught at school.


Please click the pictures below for links to our in school and homework Maths platforms, Mathletics and Rock Star Times Tables.

Times Tables Rock Stars – KS1 suitable activities – KS2 suitable activities – Primary Games for KS1   Primary Games for KS2