Ufton Court date change……..

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The date for this trip has changed to 6th – 8th June due to circumstances outside our control. Thank you.

Sport Relief sponsorship………….

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Please keep sending in any sponsor money received so we can update our total fundraising………..so far we have more than £2000………what a brilliant effort!

Sport Relief in action………….

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Well done to everyone who has participated in Sport Relief this week – you’ve all been brilliant!







Thursday Sport Relief Activities…

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Year 1 & 2 Healthy Tuck Shop – all items 50p at break – popcorn, muffins, fruit pots and more!

Year 3 & 4 pay & Play activitites at lunchtime – 50p donation.

Little Canada Information……………

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There is a meeting at the school on Thursday 26th May at 6pm to give parents and children important information about this trip – please ensure you attend and return your consent form – thank you.

Sainsburys activity vouchers…………

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Please keep sending in your vouchers so we can use to replenish and renew P.E. equipment…….your vouchers really do make a difference! Thank you

School Photographs!

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Please see the flyer below for details…


Day Out at Langley Grammar School

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On Tuesday 8th March, Priory School netball squad (A and B) went out to compete in a netball tournament at Langley Grammar School. As we arrived, light snow fell on the ground. We tried to catch snow on to our tongues as Mr Molland registered our arrival. We warmed up by practising our skills, for example: chest pass, bounce pass and overhead. Gradually, our pulse accelerated. Before long, Mr Molland announced where we would be playing. Not long after, the green team (Esha, Cami, Nirvanah, Taylor, Isabel, Savnoor and Marcus) played against Our Lady Of Peace. Luckily, we won 3-0, Esha scoring 2 and Isabel scoring 1. But unfortunately, within the first 15 minutes of our arrival Isabel tripped over a player’s foot and grazed her knees. Fearlessly, she hid her pain and carried on. What a strong player!

Next to play was the pink team which involved Josh, Amelie, Saskia, Elisabeth, Lucy, Kritti and Natalia. The Green Team cheered The Pink Team on for the first match but unexpectedly they lost to Western House. It didn’t affect their confidence towards the next game though.  After the unfortunate loss we decided to depend our scores with lucky pennies. We said that when we have the ball we would hold the pennies tight and when we didn’t have the ball we would scratch it hard across the floor. This worked out for the Green Team, but sadly not for the Pink Team.

Unbelievably, the Green team made it through to the semi-finals. The Green Team played against Holy Family to declare if we were through to the finals. We heard that they had won every game and had not let any goals in which made us feel intimidated. We thought about the fact that it is the taking part that counts and not the winning. Optimistically, we played the game but they were an experienced team.

Marcus and Esha were excellent at shooting and Marcus scored a hat trick for The Green Team; Kritti, Saskia and Isabel were superb at defending; I was good at attacking; Nirvanah and Taylor were great at finding space ready to catch the ball; Savnoor was amazing at being a backup; Cami and Lucy were outstanding at helping the shooter; Amelie was epic at pivoting when she had the ball and the referee never blew the whistle at her; Elisabeth was great at being centre and Natalia was good at thinking ahead.

By the end of the matches, The Green Team won all their matches, except the semi-finals. The Pink Team however, lost 4 games and won one. We now know what we need to improve and what we did well.

Knowing that we were feeling disappointed, Mr O’Connell gave us a pep talk to boost our self-esteem. As we were walking back, we had a devious plan to trick Mr Molland that we didn’t have the keys to the minibus. Everyone couldn’t hold in their laughter!

Overall, we had a great time and we would like to thank Mr Molland and Mr O’Connell for this amazing opportunity.

By Cami, Esha and Josh.