Thursday Sport Relief Activities…

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Year 1 & 2 Healthy Tuck Shop – all items 50p at break – popcorn, muffins, fruit pots and more!

Year 3 & 4 pay & Play activitites at lunchtime – 50p donation.

Tag Rugby Report

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Tag Rugby Report

On Thursday 3rd March, Year 5 and 6 tag rugby team took part in a competition at Slough Rugby Club.  We came to school in our Priory sports kit, which we were given the previous week.  We were then split in to 2 teams.  Blues and Greens.  In the Green Team were Nirvanah, Aelonor, Alfie, Oliver, Tj, Jody, Thomas, Jamie, Rudy and Lily.  And in the blue team were Caitlin, Mustafa, Aamahd, Finley, Ellie, Martha, Elizabeth, Jamie and Reilly.  At 9:15, we left our class to get on the mini-bus and the school car.  When we arrived at the rugby club we were greeted by several different teams.  After this we started to warm up and were led to the match field.

The Blue Team were led by Mr O’Connell.  We won the first 3 games but lost the last 2 against Godolphin and Lynch Hill.  Caitlin was superb at running with the ball, Reilly was amazing at scoring goals, Mustafa, Finley and Martha were excellent at passing the ball, Aamahd and Ellie were fantastic at communication. Elizabeth and Jamie were awesome at defending and leading the team.

The Green Team were led by Mr Watson.  We beat St Anthony’s, Western house, Iqra’s School and Willow.  Then we drew against Godolphin 6-6.  Nirvanah was fantastic at receiving the ball.  Aelonor and Thomas were great at defence.  Alfie and Tj were absolutely fantastic at running with the rugby ball.  Oliver and Jamie H were good at getting into line whilst running with the ball. Jody was fantastic at scoring tries. Rudy and Lily were great at using the method “pocket to rocket”.

Overall, we had an amazing time and we want to thank Mr Gaute for cheering us on when we left and when we came back.  And a special thank you to all of the PE teachers for organising this special event for us.

Go Team Priory!!!!!!

By Nirvanah, Caitlin and Aelonor

Mums in School Booking

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Mums in School slots are still available to book on ParentMail. Deadline for booking appointments is 3pm 14/03/2016. If you require any assistance with ParentMail, please contact the school office.

Our Lady of Peace INSET

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Reminder – Our Lady of Peace is closed for an INSET day tomorrow meaning the interconnecting gate will not be open. Many thanks!

Our Lady of Peace INSET Day

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Please note Our Lady of Peace have an INSET day next Friday (4th March). This means that the interconnecting gate will be closed all day.

Sport Relief Sponsorship

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Don’t forget to send your sponsor forms back to school for the Priory Mile and order your cupcake in class by 15/03/2016. Thanks for you support!

Sport Relief

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Priory School is proud to be taking part in Sport Relief this year – please click/tap on the thumbnail below to see the timetable of events:



Gymnastics Report

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Gymnastics report

Last week on Thursday 18th Feb KS1 and KS2 went to Beechwood School for the gymnastics competition. There were numerous schools performing. We practiced for three weeks to learn and remember the exercises. It was nerve wracking at first but then we go used to it. Sadly, the day had to come to an end and we traveled back safely to Priory.

By Brooke and Alisha – Year 5

At the gymnastics competition, we had to do body management, which involved skipping, press ups, tucks and splits. We were all very nervous before our turns but we tried our hardest for Priory School. In the floor exercise, we had to do things such as forward rolls, side cartwheels, backward rolls and half jump turns. The vault was the final exercise. Mr Molland thought we did a great job representing Priory.

By Marley-Rose – Year 3

My favorite thing I did was when we did the floor exercise because it was a lot of fun

By Emilia – Year 2

I really enjoyed going to Beechwood because we did lots of exciting activities and everyone else had an amazing time too.

By Alexander – Year 2

I liked it when I walked on the bench. It was fun.

By Amy – Year 2


Burnham Bridge Northbound

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Station Road will be opening northbound as of Thursday 25th February! Please see attached leaflet from SBC for more information. Slough have released the following: “We are seeking user feedback on the next stage of the scheme – a new user survey will be in place and feedback is welcomed from road users via the survey (which will be accessible via this webpage: ) or via email (to – from 25th February when the second phase of the scheme opens. The experimental scheme is likely to be in place for 3 – 6 months when a decision will then be taken on a permanent scheme for the area, which will be subject to statutory public consultation procedures. ”

Station Road