Year 6 Production Costumes

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Please see below for information from the Year 6 team on costumes for the production:

Year 6 Costume Ideas

Message from Mr. Bond:

“The children have received a costume list. If the your child is a Rockette – Mr Bond has kindly offered to purchase outfits for you so that they all look the same. A small donation would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively, if the girls want to organise their own outfits to be the same, this will be fine as well.”

Thank you.

Staff Challenge

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Staff members showing the children that its good to be fit and healthy!!

Music Update

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Come and hear the Priory Choir, Community Choir and soloists perform at St Mary’s Church, Slough this Saturday at noon! Free entrance, all welcome!

Sports Update

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Well done to our tennis team who narrowly missed out on the semi finals at the @sloughssn @yourschoolgames competition last week

Coming after half term in Year 3!

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Week beginning Monday 5th June

Our topic for next half term is Food! The children will be working on an Enabling Enterprise project which involves creating recipes and planning and hosting a food fayre to which you will be invited!  

In our English lessons our focus text will be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We will be reading the first few chapters to the children through shared reading allowing a focus on comprehension skills. The children will also be completing activities that focus of vocabulary extension and comparing characters.

In Maths, we will be applying our knowledge of the place value of 3- digit numbers to solve a series of mathematical problems and puzzles.

Our objectives for the week are to;

  • recognise the place value of each digit in a 3-digit number  (100s, 10s, 1s)
  • compare and order numbers up to 1,000
  • identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations
  • read and write numbers up to 1,000 in numerals and in words
  • solve number problems and practical problems involving these ideas

The children have a written comprehension, reading books, Mathletics tasks and spellings to learn for a test on the first Friday back after half term.

Many thanks,

The Year 3 team.

Coming this week in Year 3

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Week beginning 15thMay  

In our English lessons next week we will continue to focus on persuasive writing. The children will be writing their own persuasive letter in role as an endangered animal. We will focus on the layout features required for a formal letter and explore the use of; rhetorical questions, exaggeration, supporting statistics and emotive language to persuade.

In Maths, we will be focusing on time. We will be focusing on;

  • telling and writing the time using an analogue clock ,including using Roman numerals from I to XII, and 12-hour
  • reading 24-hour clocks
  • estimating and reading time with increasing accuracy to the nearest minute
  • comparing time in terms of seconds, minutes and hours; use vocabulary such as o’clock, am/pm, morning, afternoon, noon and midnight
  • recalling the number of seconds in a minute and the number of days in each month, year and leap year
  • comparing durations of events [for example, to calculate the time taken by particular events or tasks]

BBC Bitesize has some great on line activities which will help reinforce our learning,

Zoo Visit

We are very excited about our trip to Whipsnade Zoo on Thursday 18th May. Please make sure your child is wearing suitable footwear for a lot of walking and that they have a lightweight waterproof jacket.  If you are providing your child with  a packed lunch please make sure they are able to carry it easily and it can all be thrown away after we have eaten. An extra bottle of water to drink throughout the day is also needed.

If your child would like to purchase a souvenir, if time allows, we hope to offer an optional visit to the gift shop. The shop offers a number of different items for £3. If you wish to do so please provide your child with a named purse or wallet with a maximum of £3.

Don’t forget we will be returning to school at 4.30pm.

The children have a written comprehension, reading books, Mathletics tasks and spellings to learn for a test on Friday.

Many thanks,

The Year 3 team.

Year 6 SATS

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The Year 6 team and staff at Priory School are very proud of Year 6 pupils who finished their SATS today – well done to all!

This week in Year 3

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Week beginning 8th May 

In our English lessons next week we will be begin a unit on persuasive writing. The children will be investigating persuasive texts and film focusing on the common features, particularly the use of emotive language. Over the course of the week they will be participating in lots of speaking and listening activities in preparation for composing their own persuasive letter.

In Maths, we will be using practical and written methods to calculate multiplication and division involving measure.

Our science topic this half term is Humans and other Animals. This week the children will be learning about the human skeleton and how muscles work.

Please encourage your child to have a go at this fun on-line activity.


The children have reading books, Mathletics tasks and spellings to learn for a test on Friday.

Trip to Whipsnade Zoo – If you haven’t already done so please complete the permission slip and pay via Parent Pay as soon as possible.


Lots of the children are asking to get a drink of water at various points during the day, particularly after ‘Mile a Day.’ Please ensure that your child has a water bottle in school which can be kept in the classroom allowing easy access.

Many thanks,

The Year 3 team.

Sports Update…

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Well done to all 12 children who competed at the @sloughssn @yourschoolgames orienteering competition this week.

Heere is a report from Fiza in 6B

On Tuesday 2nd May 2017 some of year 6 including: Dawid, Damien, Tania, Haifa, Dylan .p, Daniel, Dylan.H, Maisara, Mocksha, Siva, Kacper and of course myself, completed a fun but challenging activity. We managed to escape with a pretty impressive fourth place out of 7 schools in slough.

During the journey there, Tania (my partner) and me were quite nervous because we weren’t that familiar with orienteering maps  neither were many of the other students who took part. When we arrived, Siva and Kacper were impressed by the size of the gym room. Inside, we paired ourselves up. I was with Tania. We were pair 6. After listening to the rules, we queued for what seemed like forever. After we had finished queueing, we set off. We had to do all 14 stations and scan a GPS card on a little scanning device. We had to scan the card after completing each station. The activities were scored based on time. Mine and Tania’s group scored 19 minutes and 15 seconds

Sadly, we narrowly missed third place and hit fourth. Overall, we had a lot of fun JJ