Parental Portals FAQs

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions about our Parental Portals. If you still require any assistance, please contact the School Office using the email address

Questions and answers in blue text relate to ParentPay (our cashless catering portal). Questions and answers in green text relate to SIMS Learning Gateway (our Parent Portal). Questions in black are general questions about both portals.


How do I reset my ParentPay password?

If you have accessed your account before and forgotten your password, you can reset your password do this via the ParentPay website. Go to and click on the Forgotten Password text.


How do I reset my SIMS Learning Gateway password?

If you have accessed your account before, forgotten your password and set up a security question to unlock your account, please use the link underneath the login boxes to reset your password. If you did not set up a security question or are unsure of it’s answer, please contact David Powell, Network and Systems Manager, on