Safer Internet Day

Posted by Priory School

As we build up to Safer Internet Day, please see some information below that has been circulated to schools on the app Roblox:

Concerns about Roblox

Schools from all over the country are issuing warnings about this game as it has been identified as the most common game for inappropriate contacting of young children.

Firstly, there is a messaging facility as part of the game where youngsters can be contacted by strangers. The app states that it is ‘the best place to imagine with friendsbut there is no way to screen contacts or disable the messaging. Bearing in mind they claim to have over 30 million users, you have no way of knowing who it is you are talking to.

Secondly, despite claiming to be a ‘Kidsafe’ site and to monitor the use of those under 12, it is easy to create an account, saying you are 3 years old and proceed to play the games for over 18s.

We would advise you to check if your child is using Roblox and ask you to be vigilant and encourage your child to stay clear of this. Some children claimed they had over 200 friends – which meant their accounts were ‘maxed out’. We advise you to look inside your child’s inbox and check for inappropriate messages. We also suggest that they do not use headsets for in game chatting,

As always, please also ensure that your child understands the importance of reporting any future unwanted friend or chat requests with yourselves to ensure their safety.

Useful sources of information

Childnet has a fabulous guide for parents about online games.

Thinkuknow is great for adults and children and has a range of practical articles and advice.

Top tips for having a conversation with children about cyberbullying:

Childnet, a great website for information on being safe on the internet, highlights the importance of having conversations with your children about staying safe on the internet, whether playing online games, or researching. Using Safer Internet Day will be a fabulous conversation starter and we hope that you will use this as an opportunity to talk about safe internet use. Some discussion points will be sent home as part of your child’s homework next week.