The Daily Mile


This year, children will be participating in a brand new initiative called “The Daily Mile“. This initiative started in Scotland with huge success and after much research, we have decided that this will be beneficial to our children. We have ambitions to become the largest school in England taking part. Priory have invested heavily in this by building a purpose-built, all weather track around our large school field.

We have decided to take part in this for a number of reasons, including:

  • A recent study showed that 66% of primary school children are deamed ‘unfit’
  • It improves children’s physical, mental, social and emotional health and wellbeing
  • It is designed to be fun and social with the children learning important teamwork skills
  • Its inclusive for ALL children – the whole class goes out together and children with SEN benefit enormously.
  • Children become proud of their fitness and their confidence is raised with a sense of achievement
  • It takes only 15 minutes a day regardless of the distance covered in that time. Although the initative is called The Daily Mile, there is no requirement for children to cover a mile in distance, however we hope that they will build up to this over time.
  • Children can walk at any time, but build the resilience and confidence to run where possible
  • Children then return to class refreshed and ready to learn after 15 minutes of exercise
  • It takes place in a safe and secure environment on our purpose-built track
  • Over time, children will eat and sleep better
  • Disruption to the school day is minimal, as there’s no kit change, no set-up, tidy-up or warm-up required – the children just put their pencils down and go!

Research shows that within one month children run the following distances:


The children are already very excited to start this initiative!


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