Travel Plan



School Travel Plan

We have a School Travel Plan which has targets to promote sustainable travel to school. Please walk or cycle to school if you are able to do so. Those who must drive are strongly encouraged to park away from the school in order to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety outside the school. A copy of a school travel plan is available here.

Entering and leaving school

Parents must not park or stop on school zig zags, double yellow lines or pavements, as this puts the safety of children at risk. Parents that must drive children to school are requested to not park on Orchard Avenue but use the visitors car park instead.


Bicycles and scooters

We actively encourage pupils to cycle and scoot to school. Since September 2013 we have been participating in the Sustrans Bike It initiative, which encourages and promotes cycling to school. We also offer Bikeability cycle training to pupils (formerly known as ‘cycling proficiency’) in order for them to be trained with the skills to ride on the roads. We have 40 cycle stands at the school, which are sheltered. Pupils must lock their own bikes to the stands, we recommend using a high quality lock. We also have 2 scooterpods available, with space for 24 scooters, for pupils scooting to school. We also offer pupils scooter training as part of the Bike It initiative.