We work hard to ensure all children at Priory receive a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which engages and challenges them. The Priory Values are at the heart of what we do. We have high expectations of our staff and children. We encourage them to be problem solvers with a positive attitude to learning and the capacity that learning has to change lives. We make sure our school is an inclusive, stimulating environment that reflects and celebrates our creative learning approach. Our curriculum is based around themes or topics, which change each half term. These topics are broad, encompassing elements of history, geography and science and are always supported by the use of high quality texts. We ensure that children have the opportunity to go on a variety of educational visits that help to put children’s learning into context and bring it alive. We want the children to be curious and ask questions that will shape the learning in their class. We want pupils to persevere, and reflect on learning and to be able to go back and improve their work. Further information on the current curriculum can be found here.

Our curriculum statement and map, which contains information on the school curriculum for each academic year in each subject, can be viewed here:

Curriculum Intent Statement

Year 1 Autumn Term Overview

Year 2 Autumn Term Overview

Year 3 Autumn Term Overview

Year 4  Autumn Term Overview

Year 5 Autumn Term Overview

Year 6 Autumn Term Overview

Details of the EYFS curriculum and reading/phonics schemes can be found here:

Nursery Autumn Term Overview

Reception Autumn Term Overview

Early Years Reading and Writing Overview

Priory’s Aims for English

The aim of Priory’s English curriculum is to teach our children to, not only survive, but thrive in our modern world. We strive to achieve this by ensuring that each child can read, write, express themselves and communicate effectively by the time that they leave us in Year 6. For this reason, each year group and phase is responsible for ensuring that their children have the skills, knowledge and attitudes for the next stage of their education.

High-quality texts are at the heart of all of our English teaching and we consider a number of factors when selecting texts for study. Our reading curriculum boasts a range of engaging contemporary and classic, fiction and non-fiction texts which reflect and celebrate the diversity of Priory. Texts are chosen in recognition of current events and to instil empathy, respect and a love of reading in all of our children.

All children are taught that writing is still a necessary, relevant and exciting way to express oneself and are taught how to write for a range of purposes and audiences during their time with us. We are dedicated in ensuring that writing is purposeful and is adapted to suit technological changes.

Reflective and progressive English planning ensures that our lessons are creative and encourage pupils to develop their own creativity and individuality. We hope that the experiences the children have at Priory will be remembered long after they have left us.

Maths Information

Maths Policies

Priory School Bar Modelling Policy

Priory School Calculation Policy

Top Maths Tops – how to help your child:

  • Be positive about Maths at home – Don’t say things like ‘I always hated Maths’ or ‘I never understood Maths’ because that might make your child start to think that themselves.
  • Find Maths in everyday life –Help your child to understand how important Maths is by including  them in Maths at home for example working out the change you should get and reading timetables.
  • Praise your child –Even if your child is struggling to get the answer right, encourage them to keep trying and they will improve.
  • If you struggle with Maths yourself –Read through the Priory Calculation Policy and see how your child is being taught at school.


Please click the pictures below for links to our in school and homework Maths platforms, Mathletics and Rock Star Times Tables. – Mathletics – Times Table Rock Stars – KS1 suitable activities – KS2 suitable activities – Primary Games for KS1   Primary Games for KS2

Year 2 have provided the following resources for parents’ of pupils of Year 2:

Number Bonds to 10

Number Bonds to 20

Recommended Book List

Comprehension Questions

Times Tables