Please note these links are only relevant to Years 3 – 6 – KS2 only.

Coffee Break Languages – there are two courses for children – High Five French and High Five Spanish.  There will be some French we have done and some new learning.  Scroll down past the 10 video clips and you can sign in to the whole High Five course for free.  Try learning some Spanish too! Normally you have to pay for these courses, but now you can get three months for free!


Interactive games in French and Spanish. Register and use the code LCF2020sch

Power Language

From 20th March free access to topic based online learning in French, Spanish and German.  Pick a topic like ‘Dinosaurs’, look at one of the videos and practise words we have learned and some new ones.

Also French and Spanish for families available until the end of June.  Pick a topic like

British Council

The Great Languages Challenge – some interesting ideas for individual research about different languages.  Some of the ideas, such as cooking, you will not be able to do on your own.

Northern Ireland Curriculum Primary Languages For each of the three topics there are stories, activities, rhymes and wordbanks.  Try a new topic like Houses and Homes and learn the vocabulary for things in the home, for example.  Other languages are included too – try some activities in Spanish and German as well.