Chrome Music Lab. Make music in a variety of ways, accessible to all ages.

KS2 Online drum courses in West African Drumming, Brazilian Samba Drumming, Indian dhol drumming and Cajon through InspireWorks (award winning percussion teaching company), funded by Slough Music Hub using the code below. The courses follow the Arts Award Discover framework. Completion certificate for each pupil!


BrainPop. KS2. You need to sign up for an account but it’s free. Lots of resources to listen to and find out about different types of music.

BBC Bitesize Music – fun videos about different aspects of music for KS2

BBC 10 pieces – introductory short films and full performances of some fantastic and varied pieces of music. Designed for KS2 but mostly fine for younger children too. Which is your favourite piece?

BBC Bring the Noise adventure – music concert for KS1 and EYFS

BBC Bring the Noise activities – EYFS and KS1

Andy’s Animal Raps – EYFS and KS1

Sphinx Kids – lots of music games

London Symphony Orchestra – For all: Watch orchestral performances choosing your views of the conductor and different sections of instruments in the orchestra J Mrs Shaw likes the Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique especially, as there are lots of timpani (kettle drums) in it (!) and Ravel’s Bolero as there are lots of solos so the instruments can be heard really clearly.

Home Schooling music resources – A bank of good quality music resources to use at home, which will be added to over time. Have a listen to “Farkle McBride” on the youtube link, a wonderfully entertaining story!

Children’s Music programmes from the BBC – a whole variety!

Splice – create your own beats

Explore the orchestra with Listening Adventures:

Ukulaliens – practise your ukulele with great backing tracks J

Google Doodle HipHop

Classics for Kids – Fantastic interactive music activities to learn facts about music, explore the orchestra, and hear music from the great composers from around the world.

For older children, the GarageBand app on Apple devices is also great to experiment with!