Speech and Language Resources

Dear parents/carers, 

I hope you are all keeping well in these uncertain times! 

I have collected some resources which aim to support your children in their speech and language: 

Visual timetable – this can provide some structure for the day or for homeschooling activities. 

Calendar and Weather board – I know at times like this the days seem to all roll into one, so this may help! 

Colourful Semantics and Shape Coding – both of these are approaches to teaching grammatical and sentence structures and use of these may have been recommended for your child. The Shape Coding document contains activities as well as a feelings board. 

Word Aware – an approach for developing vocabulary, looking at one word at a time and exploring its meaning. 

For specific speech and language needs/targets (e.g. speech sound difficulties) or any other questions, please contact me at priscilla.tatham@symbolconnect.co.uk

Priscilla Tatham 

Speech and Language Therapist


SALT Visual Timetable

Shape Coding Activities

Word Aware Vocabulary

Calendar and Weather

Colourful Semantics Starter Pack