Year 1

Year 1 Home Learning

20/04/2020 Update:

Year 1 Home Learning

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Some of the websites that teachers use are currently offering parents the opportunity to use their games and resources for free in light of the current situation. There are also other websites that offer helpful games and resources to support children’s learning. Some useful websites for you may be:

Phonics play

This website offers a number of phonics games, and a variety of other reading activities. Year 1 have finished phase 5 teaching, so all games and phases should be applicable to your child. We would encourage children to use their phonics sounds, and to ‘robot’ the words, before blending together to read the words.


Twinkl is a useful website, full of resources, worksheets, games and ideas to support children in their learning.


Nessy states that it is a helpful resources for teaching children with dyslexia, but we have found it to be beneficial for all children. In school, we have been using it for the reading and spelling program that it offers.

Teach Your Monster to Read

This is a website that allows children to create an alien, and teach it to read through a story telling narrative, and using games. It starts at the very beginning of learning phonics, but does build up to more difficult content as the children progress.

Home Learning Pack

Year 1 Home Learning Pack