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Weekly attendance percentages: 20th - 24th May 2024


Whole school - 91%


Year 1 - 91%

Year 2 - 92%

Year 3 - 90%

Year 4 - 90%

Year 5 - 95% 

Year 6 - 90%


Congratulations to 5Ofili with 98% the highest attendance this week!


Pupil attendance


Good attendance at school is very important. Children who attend school every day are more likely to be academically ahead but also have better social development and stronger relationships. High absence can at times indicate that the family might be struggling. Therefore, at Priory we monitor pupil absence closely and be in contact with families when absence becomes a concern.



If your child regularly misses school, you may notice the following:


  • Their learning is affected, they fall behind their peers.
  • They do not have secure friendships and struggle to maintain friends.
  • They lose confidence in going to school, develop overreliance on their parent.
  • Their mental health, self -esteem and confidence become noticeably reduced.


Please don’t let this happen to your child. If you are struggling to bring them to school, come and talk to us and we will support you.


Importance Of Attendance