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STEM Week 2024

This week, Priory celebrated British STEM Week which promotes interest in science, technology, engineering and Maths. As well as taking part in a Maths puzzle workshop, the children in every year group had the opportunity to take part in activities linked to the STEM subjects. Year 5 were even lucky enough to visit the Science Museum! We hope that this celebration of STEM has sparked the curiosity of all our children.



In Reception, we had a wonderful time exploring how things can change over time. We looked at one of our favourite snacks – apples - and used some super vocabulary to describe their appearance. Like the Very Hungry Caterpillar, we took a big bite out of the apples and then made some brilliant predictions about what we thought would happen. Aadya thought the apple would “turn brown and mouldy!” while Bani was very excited to see if we would attract any bugs. We set timers to go off so we could go and check on the apples, and we were very eager to get a closer look at what was happening! The children wrote down their predictions and displayed some fantastic drawings. The Reception teachers were very impressed by the observational skills they children showed!

For STEM week, Year 1 looked at calendars and how many days are in each month. We looked back at our work on the seasons and spoke about which celebrations are celebrated at certain times of the year. We will be putting our work together to make class calendars for 2024..

Priory School’s young scientists in Year 3 celebrate STEM Week!

S - Science

T - Technology

E - Engineering

M – Maths

The whole school celebrated STEM week from 11th March to 15th March. This year’s theme was TIME.

In Science, we made sundials, learned about different types of clocks and we learned about tardigrades who can even survive in space, Wow! We did research on dinosaurs about their appearance, habitat and how long the dinosaurs lived. When we put it all together it made a fact file.

In Maths, we did a fun escape room with cubes, dominoes and shape puzzles. As a team, we had to rebuild a large, colourful cube using smaller cubes.                                                                                                                                                

Saihej, Valentino and Zainab

Year 3

Since this week was STEM week, Year 4 had the opportunity to make our very own Maths game, based on this year’s theme of ‘time’. Firstly, we recapped what time is and discussed how it is used in everyday life. Secondly, we planned and designed our game in small groups and used a range of materials to create them. Some children chose to make board games, others made UNO and snap cards. We even had football-related time questions! We really enjoyed our day on Wednesday – it was fun, exciting and nice to do something different!

Y5 visited the Science Museum where we were able to see exhibits linked to science, maths and engineering. We also explored axles and how they work; we then applied this new knowledge when creating our own moveable vehicles. Here, we had to construct our own axle, chassis and electrical circuit to make our vehicle move.

Year 6 had a fantastic time at the Puzzle Workshop. Our problem-solving skills were really challenged and we had to demonstrate real team work!