Year 1


Welcome to Year 1! This is such an important year for your children as we support them in their transition from the Foundation Stage to the National Curriculum.

We believe that transition is a process and not an event, that is why we aim to ensure that the children settle well and adjust to the changes smoothly and gradually. During the Autumn term we allow a period of time for the children to continue with ‘Self Directed Activities’ as they did in Reception.

Timetable and Lessons

Our daily lessons include Guided Reading, English, Maths, Phonics and Handwriting.
Weekly lessons include Science,  ICT, Music, PE and the Creative Learning Curriculum (History, Geography, R.E and Art).

These lessons are planned and delivered creatively to stimulate, engage, inspire and motivate the children. They are encouraged to explore, experience and discover through hands on activities in a rich learning environment.

Throughout the year we aim to promote the children’s independence and encourage autonomy by giving them more responsibility for their learning. The children are taught to use Creative Core Skills in order to support their understanding of lessons.

Our Creative Core skills are:

  • Looking
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Thinking
  • Investigating and Questioning
  • Peer Learning
  • Exploring and Making Connections
  • Group Work

These skills prepare children to become well rounded learners that can excel using a wide range of strategies to solve problems. We also believe that children learn best when their achievements are valued so we continuously celebrate their success in various ways.

The Teaching Team

The Year 1 teachers are as follows:

  • Mrs Machingauta -Year Leader and Class Teacher 1M
  • McDonnell 1PM
  • Miss Matthews 1HM
  • Miss Theriault 1T

The Key Stage 1 Deputy Head Teacher is Miss Mijatovich.

If you have any questions or concerns, in the first instance please approach your child’s class teacher. If they are unable to help, Mrs Machingauta is available as Year leader, or in her absence Miss Mijatovich is available by appointment.


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