Year 4


Welcome to Year 4!

By the time children reach Year 4 they have fully settled into KS2 at Priory. We aim to focus on developing the children’s independence towards their attitude to school work and encourage them to start being more responsible for their own learning.

This years’ Year 4 teachers are;

  • Miss Barrett – Year Leader
  • Mrs McLaughlin – Assistant Head and Class Teacher
  • Mrs Bowser – Class Teacher
  • Ms. Hawkes – Class Teacher
  • Mrs Yasin – Class Teacher

Mrs. Jefcut is the Deputy Head for Key Stage 2.


Daily lessons include Guided Reading, English and Maths.
Weekly lessons include Science, French, ICT, Music, PE and the Creative Learning Curriculum (History, Geography, R.E and Art).

Y4 the following topics are studied:

  • Autumn 1 – Hinduism
  • Autumn 2 – Vikings and Anglo-Saxons
  • Spring 1 – Imaginary Worlds
  • Spring 2 – ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes
  • Summer 1 – The Egyptians
  • Summer 2 – Whole School Project

During the year the children experience a range of exciting trips and work with some creative partners to enhance their learning.


  • Please make sure your child brings their planner into school every day.
  • Daily reading – please record pages read in planner.
  • Spelling list to learn
  • Mathletics – online programme
  • Literacy Task
  • It is important that the children practise their times tables and number bonds.

Other matters

  • Please make sure your child has a suitable, named P.E kit in school on Wednesday. The kit needs to consist of a white T-shirt or a house colour, black or dark shorts or trainers; plimsolls are not really suitable for outside wear. Track suits or a warm top needed for colder weather.
  • All children need a named water bottle to keep in the classroom.
  • Donated boxes of tissues are very welcome and will be used by your child’s class.
  • Reading books will be changed by the children themselves on a regular basis, they will read in a guided reading group with the class teacher once a week. They will also read with the Teaching Assistants too.

If you have any questions or concerns, please, in the first instance approach your child’s class teacher. If they are unable to help, Miss Barrett is available as Year leader, or in her absence Mrs. Jefcut is available by appointment.

Thank you for your ongoing support.
The Year 4 Team