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British Science Week 2023

During British Science Week, pupils at Priory explored and celebrated all sorts of 'connections'. Below you can see some of the activities we took part in!


In Nursery we have been planting seeds for Science Week. We made the most of the sunshine and each planted a sunflower seed. We talked about what our seeds needed to grow big and strong. We hope that if we water them and keep them away from the cold they will grow big enough for us to plant outside!

Year 2


This week, Year 2 have had great fun investigating different connections in science. We saw how the bicarbonate of soda reacted with vinegar to make carbon dioxide gas, which in turn made our raisins ‘dance’.

We were also fascinated to see how the kitchen towel absorbed the coloured water from our cups and then started to drip the liquid into our empty cups. We were able to accurately predict which new colours would be made, based on our colour mixing knowledge.

We worked well in small teams to design and build a bridge strong enough for our toy car to cross. We looked at different types of bridges but most of us chose a beam bridge design to build and test.

Year 3 Science week

This week the year 3 children completed activities to celebrate British Science week.

In one activity, they combined their knowledge of science and maths to make connections with various 2D shapes.

Can you guess from the pictures the shapes the children were creating?                           

For our second activity, we became engineers by using available resources to construct their own beam bridges. The children used their knowledge of materials and construction to create these fabulous designs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see one of these in the future?

Year 4 Science Week


For Science Week, Year 4 continued to learn about the positive impacts humans can have on the environment and what is included in an ecological park. Children designed their own ecological park before working in a group to make a model out of junk modelling.


Year 5


Year 5 had a fab time during STEM week. We learnt about chassis and axles before making our own motorised vehicles.


Year 6


To celebrate British Science Week, Year 6 have been applying their knowledge of evolution to explore the 'missing links' that could have connected different Pokemon! We also looked at the archaeopteryx, an extinct creature which scientists believe may have linked dinosaurs to birds. Take a look at some of our creations below!