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A warm welcome to Priory School.


It is with great pleasure I welcome you to Priory School, an exciting place to be as a pupil, a parent and a member of staff.  Priory has a truly inclusive approach to teaching and learning creating an environment that ensures every child flourishes.


We provide opportunities for all our pupils ensuring all our children reach their potential and be ready for their next stage in their learning journey through our dedicated team of staff. We have teachers and leaders with a wealth of knowledge and experience working in a variety of backgrounds that we have brought together to Priory to ensure we can offer the right support at the right time for each child. We know that teaching and learning evolves all the time and we meet that challenge through the most up to date and quality training available for our staff.


We are surrounded by good and outstanding schools, yet we are the often the school of choice when considering a child with SEND. OFSTED has recognised Priory is a good school but to be able to meet the needs of all pupils where other good schools are not, truly makes us extraordinary.

Priory is unique in our approach to inclusivity, all our children access the best of a mainstream curriculum in a highly inclusive environment enabling all pupils to reach their potential. No ceiling is placed on any child, every child has the opportunity to excel in areas of strength, skill or interest whilst ensuring access to a broad curriculum and accumulated knowledge.


We are the school that the whole community can attend – there is no need to send your children to different schools we have the provision here for every child. Whatever a child or a parent’s aspiration for their child we strive to make it happen. We can assure you that whatever support or challenge your child may need we have the pathway for them. In addition to our resource bases we have specific provisions for social and emotional needs, cognition and learning, autism, communication delays as well as specific and targeted provisions for children who wish to develop and extend their talents in a specific curriculum area.


Our KS2 data shows outcomes for pupils are good, when you consider that we nearly 20% of our pupils have an education, health and care plan and a further 15% have a SEN. Our 2023 data is mostly in line with national averages, yet when you consider the exceptionally high levels of pupils with an additional need these outcomes are testimony to the dedicated and skilled teaching staff we have at Priory.


Community is an important part of our culture at Priory, we have a large community but a family feel. We host many events for the school community and beyond. There is a close partnership between the school staff and the parents to make this happen. The school is closely supported by a dedicated and committed governing body and our ‘Priory Friends’ committee.

We are able to provide our pupils the unique opportunity to be able to really learn and understand diversity, inclusion and empathy. Our children leave this school being able to value all types of people, all types of intelligences and disabilities. Our pupils will be as skilled as the teachers we have in our school and will have enhanced communication skills that go beyond what most pupils will leave primary school with.


Education is a partnership between parents and school staff. Priory feels like a second home and a place every child feels happy and safe to come. We hope that the years our pupils spend at Priory will always be remembered with warm and fond memories. Every child who attends and has left Priory will always be a part of the Priory family and an ambassador for the school.


If this sounds like the school you want for your child, please do get in contact with us. We offer tours of our amazing school fortnightly and I would love to see you all there so you can experience this for yourselves.



Hannah Foster, Head Teacher


Growing determined, courageous, kind individuals proud to be Priory children.